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Take a Journey through Thai cuisine and discover authentic flavours, Textures an Aroma’s where Hot, sour, sweet and salty combine harmonies, Balance that has catapulted Thai cuisine to International popularity.
Here at Latitude 98 our focus is to showcase Thai local produce and give you an insight of regional cuisine that is based on Traditional “Mama” Home style cooking this is where the soul and foundation of Thai cuisine lies.

Thai Salad

Chef Signature

Yum Sam o Goong **

230 ฿
Fresh pomelo, green apple, chili paste, grilled prawns, roasted coconut

Yarn Pla Duk Foo ***

190 ฿
Crispy puffed catfish served with green mango salad & lime chilli dressing

Larb Gai ***

180 ฿
lsan style minced chicken with toasted rice saw tooth coriander salad

Yarn Woonsen Talay (N) (V0) **

Glass noodle salad With mushrooms & Tofu,Medley of Seafood

Yum Makue yeow (V)

220 ฿
Spicy grilled Thai eggplant with shrimp & minced pork (V)

Nuea Yang Nam Tok ***

280 ฿
lsan Style BBQ beef salad with nam Jim jeaw dressmg

Yum Tao ploo(V) **

190 ฿
Spicy Winged Bean Salad With Shrimp,Squid and Mince pork

Local Starters

Chef Signature

Goong Sarong

320 ฿
Prawns wrapped in Phuket Noodle vermicelli with Sweet chili sauce

Satay Ruam (N)

350 ฿
House made Beef, Prawn, Chicken & Pork Satays served With homemade peanut Sauce

Por Pia Sod

180 ฿
BBQ Pork, carrot, potato relish, Spicy tamarind soy bean sauce

Tord Mun Goong

220 ฿
Deep fried shrimp served Plum sauce

Phuket Gai Yang (N) **

290 ฿
Grilled Marinated Phuket style chicken served With Spicy papaya salad & Nam Jim Jeaw

Por Pia Tord (V)

180 ฿
Deep Fried Vegetarian Spring rolls With Plum Sauce


Chef Signature

Tom Yam Goong **

220 ฿
Prawns in hot a sour broth with Thai aromatics served In clay pot

Torn Kha Gai *

200 ฿
Chicken and mushroom soup with lemongrass & coconut milk

Tom Sap Kaduk moo ***

140 ฿
Spicy broth with braised pork ribs with Thai aromatics

Gaeng Leang Noppakow (V)**

Thai herb clear soup with medley vegetables,shrimp and sweet basil leaf


Chef Signature

Gaeng boo kanoom jeen (N) ***

350 ฿
Fragrant Phuket Crab meat curry, Betal Leaves, Kaffir lime leaves, Coconut cream served With Fresh rice noodles

Gaeng Massaman (N) (V) **

260 ฿
Southern Style Chicken Curry, Potatoes, Tomato and Spices

Gaeng Kiew Wan (V) **

250 ฿
Chicken or Prawn green curry With Local vegetables

Gaeng Phed ped Yang (V) **

250 ฿
Slow cooked Duck With Grapes, basil leaf, Pineapple In Red Curry

 Noodles & Rice

Chef Signature

Famous Phad Thai (V) **

260 ฿
Stir fried Rice noodles, bean sprouts, chives, prawns, and tofu & banana blossom

Khao Ob Sapparo - Gai or Goong (V)*

280 ฿
Baked Fragrant Jasmine rice, curry Powder,cashew nuts, Phuket Pineapple, Ralsms served With Chicken or Prawns

Khao Phad (V)*

230 ฿
Wok fried rice With Seasonal vegetable topped With fried egg With Chicken, pork, prawn or Beef

Phad See ew Burger (N) (V)

240 ฿
Wok fry flat noodles With Kale, Egg, Tofu, Shiitake mushrooms Chicken, prawn or Pork

Poo Neem Phad kee meow

340 ฿
Wok fry Soft shell crab with glass noodles, Thai herbs lsarn Style BBQ beef salad With Nam Jim jeaw dressing and young peppercorn

Rad Naa Talay (V)

220 ฿
Stir fry Flat noodle with a medley of Seafood, Phuket style gravy sauce.

Wok fried

Chef Signature

Moo Hong

290 ฿
Braised Pork Belly With Star anise, Garlic, Black pepper, Cinnamon stick, Black soy

Phad Kra Pao ****

260 ฿
Stir fried Chicken mince With hot basil leaves, Red curry Oyster sauce, Chillies accompanied With Fried Egg

"Mrs. Apple's" Pla duk Fu phad prick King

220 ฿
Crisp Grilled catfish stir fry With Palm sugar, Kaffir Lime leaves, Red chilli paste

Nuea Phad Khing *

260 ฿
Stir fry Beef Fillet With Fresh ginger, Black mushrooms, Oyster sauce & Black pepper

Gai Phad Med Mamuang (N)*

240 ฿
Wok Fry Chicken With Bell peppers, Cashew Nuts Thai vegetables

Local Seafood

Local lobster 

Chef Signature

Kratiem phad prick Thai dum *

2.600 ฿
Wok Fry Phuket Lobster With Garlic, Black pepper, Oyster sauce

Mong Gone Phad Nam Manoa ***

2.600 ฿
Stir fry Phuket Lobster With spicy lime Chilli sauce


Poo Ma phad pong Karee *

420 ฿
Whole Blue crab With yellow egg curry sauce

Poo phad prick Thai Dum **

460 ฿
Wok fried Blue Crab With Garlic, Black pepper and capsicum

Tiger prawns

Choo Chee Goong Yang **

480 ฿
Red curry With sweet basil, Grilled prawns

Pla Goong Pow ***

490 ฿
Grilled BBO Tiger prawn With Spicy Thai Herbs In Chili paste

Pla Muek Yang **

300 ฿
Grilled Squid served With chilli, coriander and Lime sauce

Market Line caught Fish

Chef Signature

Pla Klapong louy Sauwan

580 ฿
Deep fried sea bass fillet with Mixed Thai herbs, Dry coconut, Cashew nuts, Chili paste

Pla preaw wan

Deep fried/ steamed/grilled seabass With sweet & sour sauce

Pla Gao Raad Prick ***

560 ฿
Deep fried / steamed/grilled grouper with chilli sauce


Phad Pak Ruammit * (V)

140 ฿
Stir fried mixed vegetables With oyster sauce & fried garlic

Phad Pak Boong *

140 ฿
Sauteed Morning glory With garlic & chilli

Tom Kha Goud (V)*

140 ฿
Braised eggplant, Local Leafs, Bamboo in Coconut served With Shrimp paste dip

vegetarian available; P pork; N nut; * Chili, Chef Signature
Subject to 7% government value added tax and 10% service charge.

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