Enjoy Thai flavours with a twist at our Thai cooking class.

Our Thai cooking class is a complete experience and not just a simple lesson. Guided by our own chef, start by choosing the ingredients and ending up sharing a complete meal with many travellers coming from all over the world with the same interest, lovers of Thai cuisine.
You will be in a quiet atmosphere without boring demonstrations and an excellent hands-on approach.
If you are a vegetarian, have allergies, or are simply trying to avoid eating certain ingredients, we ask that you specify these preferences at the time of your reservation.


  • Cooking class

    Thai cooking class

  • Variety of flavours

    Variety of flavours

  • Professional chef

    Professional chef

  • Fresh ingredients

    Fresh ingredients

  • Amazing environment

    Amazing environment

Cooking class

All Thais are taught in school that there are basically four major periods in Thai history, first there is the Sukhothai Era (1238-1438) when the Siamese Kingdoms capital was located a bit north of where it is now, The great Ayuthaya era (1351 – 1767). When Siam thrived and became a wealthy and Prosperous Kingdom, The turbulent Thonburi period (1768-1782) and finally the Rattanakosin era (1782 – Present) which ushered in the modern Thailand that we know today.
Thai cuisine has evolved along the same lines as Thai history as many of the innovations that radically transformed Thai cuisine were introduced through the royal court and influences from India, Portugal and China.

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Thai cooking class

Thai cooking class

Every Monday, Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday, we offer group classes.

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